4th Annual Classics for Classics

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We call this program "Classics for Classics"because we study those great works that only improve with age and we're teaching them to those great alumni who have some similar characteristics!

The annual event is designed to allow alumni and friends of StFX to enjoy one of the classics of our civilization, and to do so in a way that is serious, but friendly and relaxed. No essays, no exams, and no grades, but participants will be assigned a portion of the text to prepare for each morning’s discussion.

Teaching is led by StFX philosophy professor Dr. Steve Baldner, with the help of several guest lecturers from the StFX Faculty of Arts.


We will charge a modest fee of $100 but this fee is waived for all alumni.  This is our chance to do something for you.

The text for this year’s Classics for Classics will be the great but not so well known philosophical poem written by Lucretius, On the Nature of Things.  This Roman work is a very readable account of ancient materialist philosophy:  including important discussions of religion, human nature, morality, and the fundamental structure of the universe.

Reserve a Place:
Please contact [email protected] or 902 867 2186



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