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Back by Popular Demand - 3rd Annual Classics to Classics

Back by Popular Demand - 3rd Annual Classics to Classics

For the past two summers about thirty alumni and friends of X have come to campus for a week of study.  The first year (2009) it was Plato’s Republic; last year it was René Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy.  The ages of the participants has ranged from 22 to 77, and the group has included physicians, lawyers, teachers, business people, homemakers, and nurses.  Each time the participants had a delightful week of discussion, questions, Socratic dialectic, and bad puns.   Dr. Steven Baldner, Professor of Philosophy led the discussion of the text each year, and five professors from the Faculty gave supplementary lectures (in part to correct his more egregious errors).


This year, the plan is to read Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, which will be a natural sequel to the reading of Plato’s Republic – or would have been a natural sequel if we had done it last year rather than this year.  We are, however, not overly fussy about such details of organization.  The schedule will be like that of past two years.  In the morning, Dr. Baldner will lead a discussion of the text, for two hours (with a break).  Lunch will be available in Morrison Hall, or off campus if you prefer; after lunch there will be a lecture from a member of the Faculty of Arts on a related topic such as:  the life of Alexander the Great; the Parthenon and Greek Architecture; Aristotle’s Ethics and Contemporary Virtue Theory; and Ethics and Objectivity.


Like last year, the goal is to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy one of the classics of our civilization, and to do so in a way that is serious, but friendly and relaxed.  No essays, no examinations, and no grades, but you will be assigned a portion of the text to prepare for each morning’s discussion.


The Name?  We call this program “Classics for Classics”, because we study those great works that only improve with age, and we’re teaching them to those great alumni who have some similar characteristics!


Tuition?  We will charge a modest fee of $100, but this fee is waived for all alumni.  This is our chance to do something for you!


Residence and Meals?  Upon request from course participants, rooms will be reserved in beautiful Governors’ Hall at a rate of $80 per night.  Information on meal options on campus will be provided, and, of course, you are free to make meal or accommodation arrangements off campus.


Date?  July 11-15, 2011.  This is the week after Highland Games in Antigonish.  We expect that you would arrive on Sunday the 10th, because the first class will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Monday the 11th.


Limits?  We may have to limit enrolment to keep the class size optimal for discussions.  It would be advisable to reserve a place early.


Reserve a Place?  Please call Glenda in Alumni Affairs to reserve a place in Classics for Classics, 2011:, 902-867-2186 (tuition deposit of $100 to reserve a place is refunded to alumni after completing the course.)


More Information?  If you want information about the course, get in touch with Dr. Steve Baldner, 902-867-2115,

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