X Marks the Spot

In recognition of National Philanthropy Day®, Alumni Affairs and SALUTE (StFX student alumni society) have initiated a new program called X Marks the Spot.  The main goal of this program is to increase awareness among students of how alumni support contributes to the campus and their StFX experience.  Campus buildings, learning resources, and student programs are all made possible though alumni support.

On Monday, November 16th, SALUTE and other student volunteers will post the large blue X posters throughout campus to identify samples of this alumni support.  Also on Monday, tables will be set-up in the Bloomfield Centre and Keating Millennium Centre with blank Thank You cards to give the students the opportunity to send a personal thank you to alumni donors.

To submit your thank yous please email [email protected]

Student Thank Yous:

"Dear our vast and wonderful alumni, Your continued support and generosity is something that should be cherished and recognized. Im pleased to see X has organized a day for us to email you reminding you that by giving back to the school we here now can benifit greatly and hopefully follow your example in the years to come one of the best features of this institution is how beloved it is by both those who currently attend here and you, our biggest supporters. I cannot fully express in words how much of a difference you make but hopefully the outpouring of love and respect you recieve from the student body today gives you that twinge in your heart and you remember all the things that drew you here in the first place"

"Thank you so much! The Alumni are a great support to the StFX community."

"You're my hero"

"Thank you so much for all of your support. It means alot to all of us."

"Thanks a lot, we appreciate all your donations to help improve StFX!"

"Thanks for everything that you did"

"Thank you, It's your contributions that make this school how great it is!"

"Thanks for everything. Thanks for helping my Xperience at StFX"

"Thanks - It's appreciated!!"

"Thank you so much for your help and support! It is so very appreciated!"

"Thanks for all your support!! You are really setting the tone for my involvement as an alumni next year! You are awesome!"

"Thanks for everything! I loved having my kitchens in Fraser and Governors Hall!"

"Thank you for all your wonderful support! The students at StFX today are very grateful!"

"Thanks! You do a great job on behalf of StFX"

"Thanks for all you do to enhance the experience at X! It's great to meet and engage with Alumni every homecoming, they are always very helpful and great to hear from"

"Thank you for all your support and making X better and better! GO X GO!"

"As a current StFX student, I very much appreciate the support from the Alumni to StFX. I notice that the Alumni support makes our campus more cheerful and students' experience at X much better. As I'm in my senior year, I very much look forward to be part of Alumni members and be able to support X like you have done. Thank you so much"

"Dear Alum, Coming from Barbados, I am extremely grateful for your effort and time you put back at X. So a big Blessings! from Barbados"

"Dear Alum, Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm over the years. I wouldn't be here without you!"

"As a current StFX student, I would just like to say a BIG thank you to the fantastic alumni that we have here! You have donated a lot of money that has helped us out in many different ways. Also, the SAINT program has helped me get in contact with other alumni as mentors for future jobs. Thank you so much again!!"

"Thanks for the PSC!"

"Thank you for your help and support!"

"Thank you for all of your support. StFX would not be the same without your support."

"My 3 years at X wouldn't have been what they are without your support! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you very much for all you've done to make my four years here at X the best of my life"

"Hey there X Alumni, I'm a 4th year business student here at X, and I would love to extend my heartfelt thanks for your continuous support and spirit. Being the former house president of TNT, as well as an alumni scholarship winner, my gratitude toward you is ever growing and appreciated! Thanks for helping StFX remaing the best in Canada"

"Thanks Alumni for all you do for X. We wouldn't be the university we are without you"

"Thanks for your much appreciated donations!"

"Thank you for everything that you have done for, and given to StFX"

"Thank you for your contributions!"

"Thank you so much for everything that has been done and contributed. My education has been enhanced due to your generosity and involvement!"

"Dear Alumni, Thank you for all your support and for helping make StFX the amazing university that it is. It is really appreciated"

"Our campus is so beautiful! Thank you for your donations that make it this way"

"Thank you, for making the campus so friendly"                                                                                    View all photos

"Thanks for all your continuous support for StFX. It is greatly appreciated!!"

"Thank you for answering the phone in a kind voice when I call from the Annual Giving office. Your funds, big or small, make a big difference to the university, and your stories and encouragement make a huge impact on me personally"

"Thank you Alumni! Your support has been greatly appreciated. The new football field is amazing, along with the changes coming along to the new business building and music building. The students always think about your aid and contributions"

"StFX is special because of your support. Thanks!"

"Dear members of the StFX Alumni. Thank you for all your support! We appreciate all you do to help make campus the wonderful place that it is today!"

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