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StFX has been recognized as one of Canada’s leading Universities and continues to receive the highest rankings in student satisfaction and academics.  We hope you are proud of the achievements of StFX, as our success is due to the thousands of past Alumni and friends who helped create such a vibrant and unique StFX community.  The StFX community and experience continues to be an important part in helping students acquire the skills and abilities to be successful in the future.    

StFX strives to offer the premiere undergraduate education, and we are asking our alumni and friends to consider making a gift to ensure StFX maintains its leadership position and can help students prepare for the future. It’s easier than you think to give, and after taxes, and on a monthly giving option, what may seem like a small monthly gift can greatly help StFX.  

Annual Giving

On a yearly basis Alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff are approached for a donation through the Annual Giving program to secure support for the day-to-day operations of the university. Donors may designate their donation to a specific area should they so desire and the Annual Giving program employs approximately 40 students per year to call the designated donors. This allows alumni and friends to learn first-hand about StFX today from current students.  Alumni can also leave FacultyGram messages for Professors and staff who they remember from their time at StFX. If you have any questions about Annual Giving, please contact   [email protected]   or   fill out, print and send this donation form .

Capital Campaign

St. Francis Xavier University has the leading university experience in Canada.  We are proud of our high academic standards, our ability to educate leaders through an abundance of opportunities and experiential learning, and our residential campus that creates lifelong friends and bonds that has created unparalleled student and alumni spirit.  To continue to maintain and enhance this world class education and university offering, StFX has a number of important projects which cannot be supported through the operating budget. Capital Campaigns and fundraising to support student scholarships, bursaries or enhanced academic facilities and teaching equipment are critical to ensuring future student success.   StFX University has the Premier university experience in Canada and we need your help to maintain this and ensure students are successful for generations to come.


One of the key initiatives at StFX is currently the StFX Legacy Fund.  The Legacy Fund was created by President Kent MacDonald and its goal is to raise $25 million for student scholarships and bursaries.  No student should be denied access to StFX and all that we offer due to financial capability.  Our objective is to create more opportunities for students from every corner of Canada and the world to come to StFX University and experience what so many alumni have experienced:  a life changing culture and environment. 


Past Capital Campaigns that were successful in helping make StFX greater still and enhance the student experience include:

  • The Gerald Schwartz School of Business, which was a $30 million dollar campaign.  The Gerald Schwartz School now provides the best in class home for over 800 students studying Business Administration.
  • The Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership was a successful campaign to create the McKenna Centre facility and bring in world class speakers and visiting lecturers in government, education, health, industry and more to help further enhance the experiential learning of students and enhance the already strong leadership opportunities and training for students at StFX
  • The Athletic Facilities Renewal campaign is an ambitious project by StFX to upgrade its athletics and recreation facilities to serve the needs of the university and the wider community. This project will be implemented in several phases. The completed Phase 1 involved the installation of an artificial turf playing surface, track, lighting and fencing.  This new turf has been extremely important to helping our Varsity athletes enhance their practices and games, thorough lighting and no wear and tear, allowing all to use the game field at any time, while the community and many youth programs and camps have been very active in its usage and it has been a significant benefit to all.

For further information contact:  
Wendy Langley
Director of Advancement Relations
(902) 867-5182 [email protected]


Planned Giving

The StFX Legacy Circle


Alumni and friends of StFX share a special bond. Time and time again, alumni describe their time at StFX as one of the most important and transformational experiences of their lives.


Today, the generous support of alumni and friends is an important and valued support in strengthening the university’s commitment to maintaining academic excellence and providing the highest quality undergraduate education for future generations of students.


The StFX Legacy Circle recognizes individuals who provide support for the university with current or deferred legacy gifts, through their estate planning. Members of the Legacy Circle share a strong bond of generosity and commitment to StFX, ensuring the university’s continued success.


To join the StFX Legacy Circle, please contact us . We can provide sample bequest language for inclusion in your will or assist you with a plan that meets your philanthropic and financial goals.

Special Projects:

From time to time there is a need to raise funds for specific projects. Mini campaigns are conducted to acquire funds for new or operational projects. Corporations, charitable foundations, alumni and friends are contacted for support.

For further information contact:
Lynn O'Donnell
National Relations Officer
Phone: (902) 867-5017
E-mail: [email protected]


Estate Planning


Your will is more than a listing of property and valuables you have accumulated during a lifetime. It is your opportunity to leave a legacy to your family, friends and future generations. Many people also use their wills to give back to organizations that have been important in their lives.


By having your lawyer update your will or add a simple amendment, you can make a charitable bequest of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, personal property or the residue that remains after taking care of other beneficiaries.


If you have already made a provision in your will for StFX, we encourage you to notify us. This will help us to plan for the future and assist us in ensuring that your gift is used in accordance with your wishes.


Click for a printable reply form that you can fill out and return if you wish to inform us that you have already made a will provision to include StFX as a beneficiary.


Types of Planned Gifts



Gifts of Stock and Securities


For more information on the benefits and tax advantages of contributing gifts of stocks and securities, see below:


Gifts of Life Insurance


Gifts of RRSPs or RRIFs

Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts of Residual Interest


Sample Wording for Bequests


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should You Consider Including StFX in your Estate Planning?


Legacy gifts are charitable donations arranged for distribution during your lifetime or as part of your estate planning. Legacy gifts are often made as a bequest in one’s will; other forms of planned gifts include stock transfers, life insurance policies, bonds, mutual funds, RRSPs, RRIFs and charitable trusts.


Planned giving offers a number of benefits to you and StFX:


  • You can significantly impact the lives of future generations of students at StFX.
  • You receive satisfaction in knowing that your gift will contribute to the continued excellence in higher education that defines StFX.
  • An opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the name of a loved one, a friend, or in your own name.
  • You can plan to make a future gift without affecting your current financial circumstances.
  • A legacy gift can create a substantial tax benefit for you (current gifts) or for your estate (deferred gifts made through your estate).
  • Enhances and continues your lifetime relationship with StFX.


More Information on Planned Giving Contact : Maria Hartery -   [email protected]

Fundraising Policies

Development Office Contacts

Wendy Langley
Director of Development
(902) 867-5182  [email protected]

Cathy Fraser
Annual Giving Coordinator
(902) 867-5144   [email protected]  

Lynn O'Donnell
National Relations Officer
(902) 867-5017 [email protected]

Maria Hartery
Planned Giving Officer
(902) 867-3380   [email protected]

Other Development Contacts:

Murray Kyte '87
Vice-President, Advancement

[email protected]

Ann Arsenault
Prospect Research
[email protected]

Annual Giving E-mail:   [email protected]

Development Fax: (902) 867-5310; (902) 867-3236

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