X-Ring History

The St. Francis Xavier University ring, commonly referred to as the X-Ring, is widely recognized throughout Canada, indeed around the world.

The X-Ring has become a tangible symbol of the X-Spirit and the Xaverian Family. StFX graduates have distinguished themselves in all walks of life and wear their university rings with pride demonstrating the influence of StFX throughout our region and in countries around the world.

The X-Ring was created during the Second World War. Before that, each graduating class appointed a committee to design a pin for their class with its own motto. In 1942 Willie “Locker” MacDougall created a design for a new ring instead. It had an X on it and the tradition of the StFX ring was born.

The X-Ring is now copyrighted and it must be earned to be worn. Only a graduate of the university or a senior student is eligible to purchase the X-Ring. The first ring investiture ceremony took place in 1958. Reinstated in 1982, the ceremony is held every year on December 3, StFX Day. It is regarded by StFX students as one of the most memorable occasions of their university careers.

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