What's so special about a school ring?

 Plenty, if you happen to be a StFX University student. Even more if you are one of the senior students alive with anticipation, counting the hours until StFX Day, December 3, the day you receive your much-coveted X-Ring.

Alumni will gather at homes, hotels and church halls in locations across the country and beyond to mark this day, the feast of the university's patron saint, St. Francis Xavier, the famous Jesuit missionary to the Far East.

 On campus, black-robed seniors will take part in what many StFX students regard as one of the most memorable events of their university careers, the X-Ring ceremony.

StFX Day is the day the graduating class earns the right to wear the X-Ring, the distinctive university symbol that stands out in Canadian government, business, education and entertainment circles. Students hold a countdown starting at least a year in advance. According to myth - supposedly confirmed by a question on Jeopardy, although no one can say when - the X-Ring is the most recognized ring in the world after the papal ring and Super Bowl ring.

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