Student Referral Program

StFX’s best recruitment tool has always been its 30,000 alumni.

Now referring a prospective student to StFX just got easier!

Recruitment and Alumni Affairs at StFX are proud to offer our alumni with Student Referral cards. Alumni can use the card to direct prospective students to a special referral webpage, Justin Fox, or can add their name and contact information so that the student may contact them directly with any questions.

If card carrying isn’t your thing, then you can direct students to This is a webpage designed specially for prospective students referred by alumni. This webpage also contains the link to the Prospective Students site of the StFX website and to email Justin Fox, Director, Admissions and Recruitment. Students also have the option of completing a form for more information that will be emailed directly to Justin.

Please also feel free to contact Justin directly with any student referrals or questions about Recruitment. Justin can be reached at 902-867-5386 or [email protected].

We encourage you to continue to share your StFX experience with young people who are trying to determine which university will best meet their needs.

If you have any questions about this program or would like to order your set of free student referral cards, contact:

Alicia Mika, Programs Coordinator
Alumni Affairs
Tel: 902-867-3760
Email: [email protected]

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