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Current initiatives of the Halifax Alumni Chapter


Other Annual Events

  • Pub Nights
  • Pubcrawl
  • Wine Tour (coming September 2016)
  • Family Day
  • Student Send-Off
  • Success After StFX
  • Feast of St Francis Xavier Mass & Reception


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Outreach Program

Halifax alumni partner with the sisters of St Martha. We provide donations of clothing, volunteering time and cooked meals, as well as financial assistance. For more information or to get involved please contact Sister Jovita at [email protected]


StFX Student Bursary Program

The StFX Halifax Alumni Chapter currently commits a portion of all funds raised throughout the year to StFX Bursary Program. Awarded annually, the bursaries go directly to the costs of education for students attending StFX from the HRM.


Interested in becoming a committee member?

The role of the Committee is to plan events held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and determine policy surrounding events and activities that involve alumni living in the city. The committee is accountable to ensure that the stated purpose, goals, and objectives can be met.

Committee Overview

Committee Members normally meet once a month in the evening for 1-2 hours. Some preparation will be needed from each member prior to the meeting and depending on the current activities of the committee; work is often required as a result of each meeting.

Committee Members are expected to carry out, in a timely fashion, the duties for which they have volunteered. If a member cannot complete a task for any reason, it is always preferable to let the committee know as soon as possible so that alternate arrangements can be made rather than simply allowing work to slide. A Committee Member normally serves a two year term. Members can be re-elected at the end of their term.


Meeting dates, times, and locations will be determined by the committee members. Members are responsible for notifying the secretary if they are unable to attend a meeting.
Rewards for Volunteers

While there is no financial compensation for volunteering, you will find that there are many other types of rewards:

  • Experience in areas that you may not have encountered prior to your Committee work.
  • Volunteer experience is recognized as an acceptable alternative to a formal education or experience in the paid work force.
  • Many volunteers have used experience gained to jump ahead in their careers or even to move into an entirely new career.
  • The knowledge that you have actively contributed to your alma mater and its financial stability and success going forward


The Halifax StFX Alumni Chapter is always looking for alumni members to volunteer at our events. If you are interested in getting involved in the chapter, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


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