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On December 3rd, 2010, Saint Francis Xavier Alumni gathered in Doha, State of Qatar to celebrate Saint Francis Xavier Day.  We were surprised to realize that there are 20 Alumni living in Doha, the largest city in Qatar. The St. of FX Alumni were joined by partners and children. Eating, singing and dancing were part of the festivities (and of course reminiscing about our X days). Thanks to the Ploughman (Mike O’Leary (‘76) and his group) for providing lively dancing and singing music throughout the evening.

We hope to have another alumni event before the end of winter semester so if you know of any other Alumni living in Doha please have them contact us ([email protected])

 Many thanks to the St. FX Alumni Office, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar and Qatar St. FX Alumni members for helping to making this event such a success.

Back Row: Dorm Chipp, Mike O’Leary ‘76, Ken McLeod ‘77, Michael Liutkus ‘77; Center Row:  Allison Lomond ’93 & ‘94, Heather Hodgson ‘04, Chris Brooks ‘04 (Allyanna, Future X grad), Tariq Abdelfattah ‘09, Front Row: Allana Beaton ’99 & ‘07, Jean Lestage ‘72


Jean Lestage ’72, Mike O’Leary ’76 and Allison Lomond ’93 & ‘94


Qatar’s newest Alumni  - Tariq Abdelfattah ‘10

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