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Amherst StFX Day Gathering

A bakers dozen hardy Alumni braved a snowy and stormy night to gather at Duncan’s Pub to celebrate StFX day. Graduates ranged all the way from 1966 to 2007. Talk was lively and by all reports every story was true. “Hail and Health” was sung loudly and enthusiastically. The prizes sent by the University were much appreciated with most of the guests taking home a memento of the evening.
Those present: Barry Anderson `68, Pam Chappell `07, Catherine Gamblin `01, Don 
Gamblin `04, Dale MacDougall `77, Wayne MacDougall `77, Margaret (MacLellan) Montrose `77, Judge David Milner `66, Veronica Richards `87, Russell Scott `90, Janet Sobol `68, Lisa Vogels `05 and Mary (Vosman) Williams `77.

Barry Anderson

Class of `68

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