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StFX United Nations Society visit Boston / Harvard Model UN

A group of 14 students and their faculty advisor, Youngwon Cho from StFX’s Model United Nations Society traveled to Boston in February to participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations. Students attended from universities around the world as delegate teams represented the various actual member states of the UN. The experience is designed to increases their awareness of the global issues methods of resolution, and the benefits of international cooperation. The Boston Alumni was able to support their efforts with a lunch the historic Jacob Wirth’s. Thanks to Jaime Symonds and Duncan MacEachern for coordinating! 

US Football Alumni Update

The U.S. Alumni, led by Bill Shea and Pat Janscy, continue their efforts to support the X Football through their fundraising and outreach efforts. They are hosting Coach Waterman in Boston the week of the 4th of July. Coach Waterman is assisting in a Player Development Camp for the best prospects in New England High Schools. Pat and Bill invite anyone interested in helping out with this effort to please contact them through [email protected], or you can download a donation form at  . Also, congrats to Joe Gaff, who was introduced recently as the new Head Coach for Boston College High School. The Eagles have sent many graduates to X in the past and we look forward to continuing the tradition!



St. FX continues to remain one of the best educational values available to New England students. X has also targeted New England as an area that it wishes to bolster. The Chapter is actively looking to support the University in its recruiting efforts. If you know of any prospective students, please refer them to Mark Kolanko  at [email protected]  or  (902) 867-5120  and the StFX Recruitment office will send out information and recruitment material.


Upcoming Events

The fall traditionally brings several of the sports teams to the New England area. Keep an eye out for activities in September and October to cheer on X and meet fellow alumni. Notices can be found at 

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