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June 2012 Update

What a great evening had by all.  Even though Dr. Riley had to juggle his schedule he arrived in St. John’s on May 30th, straight from Toronto to greet local alumni.  He meet with about 50 alumni at Bianca’s, in downtown St. John’s.  Mary Jessie and Lynn O’Donnell also came in from Antigonish to make sure everything ran smoothly and were able to speak with many of us individually to update us about all the exciting changes on campus.  Dr. Riley spoke to everyone about the growth of the University including the breaking ground of the new residence.  Carman Carroll thanked Dr. Riley for coming but that did not end the evening.  People stayed to catch up with old friends and meet other alumni who were for the first time attending a St. John’s Alumni Event.  We look forward to having them at more.  Also had many people agree to help plan our next gathering!    


December 3rd was a dark rainy St. John’s night but it didn’t deter new and old St. FX Alumni from enjoying the annual celebration of St. FX Day.   Over twenty-five former students enjoyed a great evening at the Last Drop on Water Street.   Several hours were spent catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Connections were made and plans were hatched to meet again and perhaps even to get together for the upcoming St. FX vs Memorial University Basketball game in February.    Another great evening which celebrated the spirit of St. Francis Xavier University.


Bill Dilny hosted his last St. FX Day as co-coordinator of the St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter on Friday, November 28 at the Last Drop in St. John’s.  Bill for the past seven years has been doing a superb job organizing these events and has been one of main forces with Ron Joy making sure we have St. FX Day every year.  A big thank you from everyone and I am sure they will still be of great assistance in continuing to organize these events. 

We had a great wonderful turn out with Alumni ranging from new graduates to those who graduate over 50 years ago.  People reconnected with old friends and made new ones.  Everyone talked about what it was like when they were at St. FX, where they lived, what the food was like when they were there and how many changes have taken place since they left.  The one common thread was though what a great time they had when attending St. FX and how it has shaped their lives.  A common theme that never seems to change.

We had several draws for different St. FX treats, thank you to the Alumni Office; this was really the highlight of the evening.  Jacqui Janes was officially introduced as the new coordinator of the Chapter.  Her contact information is [email protected] for anyone who wants to become involved with the Chapter.  

St. FX Day Celebration

We will be having a pub night (date to be announced)
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